Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I wonder why I throw people into such despair?
I don't do anything... I act as myself... I don't love anyone.
There is no-one I can express "love" for.
Yet, others are at my mercy shouting "love", despite my not understanding.

My feelings for Yomi cannot be called anything like "love".
Admiration, respect, obsession; yes.
I don't "love" him... He is just an object I use to fill a void.

I'm sorry. For not understanding you. For not knowing these feelings, and not returning them.
I care for you. But that's the extent to what I can claim.

I would be happy if we were together, but not as lovers.

To quote Kai, love starts out as white and two people paint it together.
But my hand isn't moving at all.

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