Sunday, 8 January 2012

Third Post!

The past two days have been pretty boring...
But I got a package I've been waiting a long time for!

It's late now, but it's a Christmas present for my friend.^^ I didn't take any pictures, it's already been wrapped.. I can finally give it to her tomorrow, though.

I hope she doesn't feel bad because I just got it without warning... orz I really appreciate her friendship so I wanted to make her happy. I'm so excited to give it to herrrr ; w ;

I'm still waiting on more packages for my other friend, plus I got a new idea even though XMas is over... Maybe for Valentine's?! LOL

In other news, I've finally decided to start dieting! Or, at least, eating healthier. If only losing weight were simpler... = . =

I went to my favorite restaurant tonight, and for the last time in a while(because I really don't know how many calories are in their food LOL).
I just love their beef and broccoli so much!

It was really good <3 So glad I convinced my parents to take me tonight. XD

Completely off-topic, but to end this post, have a picture of me.

The file name is "stop before you become a weeaboo".

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