Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Few Pictures ♥ + Rant

I'm such a procrastinator!
I just can't take the time to get my work done. I have to try harder...
Updating my blog, giving comments on Poupee, doing my schoolwork...
I'm just so lazy. XD

I'm going to force myself more. I have too many things to do to just sit around and do nothing!

My week hasn't been too interesting...
I still haven't seen my friend(she has finals for the whole month so I probably can't see her until February @_@), I haven't gone out anywhere, but on the bright side I wore two cute outfits I love! I only got photos of today's outfit, though.

Blouse: don't know, Skirt: Material Girl, Tights: don't know(gift from my friend!<3), Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Wig: Minty Mix, Necklace: don't remember

A better shot of my hair, because I thought the style was really cute. ; u ;
The lighting in my room is so horrible, sorry for that!!
I've also resorted to taking my outfit photos in the bathroom mirror at school... XD I don't have a full-length mirror in my house orz (Must invest in one!)

I got news today that a boy at school likes me... = . = I used to wish for it all the time, but because I don't have interest in anyone, now I think that being liked is troublesome! orz

My friend told him I'm a lesbian, though, and he decided he was better off giving up. XD I'm relieved about that...

I don't really like saying I'm a lesbian, though.
Everyone acts really shocked whenever it comes up, even though everyone knows. Apparently it makes some people uncomfortable and they aren't sure how to talk to me anymore... I also get told that it's unexpected because I look so "innocent". 

I really have no idea what that has to do with my sexuality... I've always liked girls, that's a fact.

However, I don't exactly dislike men.
I have a harder time falling for guys around me, and I feel like a relationship with a man would take more effort on my part. 
I don't feel comfortable with sex, either.

But I think I'm perfectly capable of falling in love with anyone despite their gender.

And if it ever came to it, I would try sex with a man I loved enough to do that for. Whether I can come to like it or not is something I don't know yet.

I've decided that I'm not going to bring up my sexuality anymore. If someone asks me directly, I'll just say that I love who I love.

I don't feel like I can label my preferences.

I can't understand why my classmates feel uncomfortable knowing that I'm attracted to women, but it's another reason I'd like to keep silent about it when possible. I don't like such over-reactions so there's no need to draw any attention to it.

I talked a lot in this blog! XD; I'll finish up here...

I hope you all have a good day ♥
Until next time, fare well!

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