Friday, 6 January 2012

JSL + Socks 8D

Today was my first day back to JSL(Japanese Second Language) after winter break.
It was way funner than I expected ; o ; I thought there would be a long speech and so on, but we had tea ceremonies and played games.

The sweets they served... I want them! 
It was red bean paste something, it was really sweet and yummy. ; u ;
The tea was really good, too. I actually didn't mess up making it like I was scared to. There weren't enough people when our group came, so I was paired with two others. I know them both from JSL tho, so it was fine.^^

I don't remember the name of the game... Might have been sugoroku? It was so fun! I was paired up with a girl I didn't know and she spoke fluent Japanese but I was able to understand everything, thank goodness. ; o ; 
There were squares on which you had to do a dance from AKB, and we did jan-ken-pon with the teacher for who would do it and she lost every time... LOL It was really cute to watch her do it, tho, and the assistant knew all the dances a little too well. XD (He kept saying he wasn't an otaku rofl)

I wish I had taken some pictures; I left my iPod in my bag the whole time! :c What a bummer, but I still had a ton of fun.

Going off-topic now, I got two things I was really wanting yesterday! 8D

Knee-socks with lace and ribbons + leopard print tights. I'm so happy <3

Don't remember/Ardene's
 I also got a huge bag of XMas gifts from MeiMei! But I'm not allowed to open them until I see her next... :c Hopefully, tomorrow!
She said I'm not allowed to look so I won't even peek, but the entire bag is FILLED! @_@ It's really ready to burst! I'm so excited to open them <3

I still have to give MeiMei her gift... I'm waiting on part of it to come in, even though I ordered it before XMas and it's shipping from within the country. = . = Such slow shipping, what's with that!

That's all for today, lovelies. <3
I hope you have a beautiful night/day and take care!^^

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