Sunday, 19 February 2012

Really Late Gift Exchange Post! 8D;

I exchanged Christmas presents with my friend a while ago! I was meaning to post but I never got around to it, haha...
So, after two months, here it is!^^
First off, what I gave to her...

From left to right: Chocolate, the bag it all came in, two bows from Lunabowtique, HK Candy, two lip balms, bath salt, paper soap, and the pin!

There were also a few more chocolates that I forgot to take photos of. The pin is the best, in my opinion. XD The model is a boy named Hara. I don't know him, but my friend really likes him! She asked for a boy for XMas and sent me that photo, so I put it on a pin... XD

Along with that, we're getting these two sweaters from

She's getting the black one and I'm getting the white.^^ I'm really excited for these! 

There's still more to this post~ Sorry! XD Next up is what she gave to me..^^
Left to right: Hair clips, pencil case + erasers and pencils, cute cupcake figurine & notepad & stickers & apple chips,  two cute keychains.

Sorry for these really bad "edits"! I just didn't want to clog up too much space with all these photos.^^;
I think there was more that she gave me(along with more stickers), but I can't remember/couldn't find it all! So I'll leave it at this for now.^^

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