Wednesday, 18 January 2012


There's so much snow here! I'm really happy. It started snowing two days ago... ♥ School was cancelled today, and it will probably be the same tomorrow because we're supposed to get 20 - 30 cm! I'm really excited, winter is my favorite season but it hardly snows where I live(even though I'm in Canada). I just feel so happy when it snows! ^ o ^

I have a little bit of a pic spam to show off the wonderful season ♥

Look at how much was on my street!

There was a big pile on my head when I was waiting to go home...

And all over my poor coat!

I had such a hard time not slipping down this hill...

And my face before I braved the storm, because I think I looked a little cute that day. XD

There you have it!
I might be a little too excited over this, but like I said, it's so rare here.^^

I hope the weather is lovely where you are ♥
Take care!

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